All about the Symptoms of ADHD

The phrase "symptoms of ADHD" may be sufficient enough to make a person shiver. Who likes to go through the road that may end up diagnosing himself or herself having an ADHD, the chase of which can lead several letters added the medical files elsewhere? The problems in life are rarely about pushing uncomfortable realities out of one's sight. By means of looking for the possibilities of having ADHD, the person would be taking the initial steps in searching for solutions to the hardships that ADHD presents. It is very important to know that what the symptoms of adult ADHD are so that you will be able to diagnose yourself or diagnose somebody else. Even if you are not an expert, it would still be best to know some of the basic symptoms so that you can determine a person who might be suffering from this.
The symptoms of ADHD are just very common and basic. According to the Statistical and Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders, the person who has ADHD could not easily focus, is hyperactive, and impulsive. These three are the most common and distinct features of ADHD. Thus, it is very important to be familiar with these three symptoms so that you will be able to easily categorize a person who might have ADHD.

1.    Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive kind - the hyperactive adults could have incredible difficulty in waiting, most especially for their desired results or outcomes. They may seem to be always on the go and working with many things even if they know it is not necessary. They do these "works" at the same time. It is not easy for them to sit still, most especially if the person is not having fun or enjoys whatever he or she is doing or listening into. Adults who have ADHD predominantly hyperactive-impulsive kind appear unsatisfied and restless with their recent activities. They always like to move unto the next thing and they don't have sense of mindfulness or contentment.

2.    Predominantly inattentive kind - people with ADHD, inattentive kind would have symptoms that will describe as having their minds or heads in the clouds or just out of the reality. People with inattentive kind of ADHD are constantly accused of not listening properly, losing attention, becoming distracted with east, and just go to their 'dreamland'. They would often look spacey, inattentive, disinterested or not present at all. Clutter and disorganization are constantly the norm for people who have inattentive kind of ADHD.

3.    Combined kind - as what the name implies, these are the people who manifest both kinds of ADHD symptoms. It is a mixture of both inattentiveness and hyperactive-impulsive ADHD.

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